About portrait photosession:

Portrait photography or portraiture could be artistic, using effective lightning, backdrops and poses or simple and pure for business purposes, such as portraits for company website, your CV, etc. Possibilities are very rich, whether it is taken in studio, nature surrounding or heading to street photography. Frequently, portraits are commissioned for special occasions, such as weddings, school events, date/couples and are part of family and pregnancy photosessions, too.

Date photographs are nowadays very popular for couples, capturing the memories whether it's pre-wedding photos that announce the date of wedding, new photographs to hang on the wall, Christmas card or many more. The options are very wide and rich.

Since there is so many options and possible purposes, I only offer the custom-made packages that will fit you and your needs perfectly.

Within the CV portrait I offer the full guideline - clothing, hair, make-up -  according to purpose of CV photograph. We would do the preparation over the phone. During the photosession we would take up to 10 photographs and then choose one together which will be edited. The edited photograph is to be delivered to you in 3 sizes - full sizes, re-sized for web use and square cut for LinkedIn. The price for one person is 495,- dkk  (VAT incl) and discount is applicable for group of 2 and more people.

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