About boudior photosession:

Boudoir photography is becoming more and more popular, boudoir albums are making excellent gift for your husband/future husband. If you’re interested in surprising your partner with a sexy yet tasteful gift, then a boudoir photoshoot might be for you.

“Boudoir” is a French word meaning a lady’s private dressing room or bedroom and the approach of nudity is usually more suggestive rather than explicit. It refers to woman posing for photographs partially clothed or in lingerie. The photos are sensual and sexy as well as classy and elegant.


Boudoir photos typically involve lingerie, but that doesn’t mean that you have to start shopping for a lacy undergarment :-) I can help you with lending you some props (you will be updated on what is available in my studio wardrobe) and we can alway combine it with what you have in your wardrobe. If your partner likes how you look in your jeans or in his favourite football team t-shirt, we can always pair it with lingerie that will give you the perfect and very playful look. Props and accessories such as jewelry, masks, toys, stockings, garters, umbrellas and anything else you can think of make the photos even more special and exciting. I will help you to choose the right things for our photosession.

Within the packages you can choose one location only and your possibilities are:

  • my studio - you will be noticed on what chairs, chaise long or bed set up I have available at the moment

  • hotel room - I will be glad to recommend you a hotel that fits the style you like, and will help to make a booking. The expenses for the hotel are not included in price.

  • private location of your choosing - can be your own home :-)

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