About newborn photosession:

Newborn photographs are to be taken within first 14 days since the baby was born (sooner - better), ideally between 5th and 10th day.

There is many reasons why so. In general baby doesn't sense all the rush and movement around so much and sleeps nicely in any position you put them in. They are really nice, quiet and amazing to work with, even if we are being more creative over the photoshoot in order to get wonderful result.

If baby is older than mentioned above, it is becoming harder and harder to work with the baby. Baby's senses are developing very very fast and it may take even 3 times longer to get nice newborn photographs.

The photoshoot may take from 2-5 hours. We will have time to talk about your ideas and wishes and the time for feeding and changing the baby is counted in as well. It is not recommended for you to plan anything before and after photoshoot, so there is enough time without any additional stress. It is very important to keep the day in calm appearance to maintain perfect environment for the baby. 

In addition, I provide all the accessories and items for photoshoot and nice and warm environment and I help to calm baby down. Your task is to bring your baby gear (changing mat, diapers, dummy/pacificier - even if the baby does not use one, etc.) and accessories you think that could be used during the photoshoot (baby shoes, favourite toy, etc.)


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