About pregnancy photosession:

The stomach is most photogenic in 30-36 weeks, but some have nice and big round belly already in week 26. My advice is to get in touch at least 2 weeks before you wish to have the photographs taken in order for us to find the perfect date and have enough time to prepare details of photoshoot. You are more than welcome to contact me in even bigger advance, so I can personally help you to find the perfect time when your belly is round and visible and yet you still feel beautiful.

The pregnancy photos shall express the beauty and excitement of your expectations and you are more than welcome to bring along your partner and children. The photosession will take app. 1-2 hours, so there is enough time to get photos of you, your belly and  family photos.

Within my packages you will have the possibility to choose the location of our photosession. 
In bronze and silver package one location is included in the price and you can either choose nature surrounding upon our agreement or studio photos.
In golden package you have the possibility to choose 2 locations, it can be both studio and nature surroundings.

Remember I am very open to new ideas and you are more than welcome to bring them so we will can a solution together.

During our photosession you will have the possibility to borrow some dresses from me and that is included in the price. You must also bring some clothes/dresses on your own. Simple clothes without any patterns are perfect fit and it is a good idea to dress together. You are also very welcome to bring the scan of your baby as well as any other items you wish to have in the photographs, such as baby shoes, favourite toy, etc. 

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